Each week we explore a variety of topics that relate to our health. The information presented via a presentation is able to be connected to our immediate reality. Topics range from the science of nutrition, the biology, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, and many more natural living sciences.


Class is non native EMF free zone, so be sure to turn your phone off for the hour. The room is protected by anti radiation stones like black tourmaline hold a safe relaxing learning space. Bring a pen and pad each week. Wear comfy clothing The aim to walk away after every class with NEW KNOWLEDGE so you can share it with your loved ones to better our lives. The right information is the only thing that will alleviate these burdens we have born into.


Class Starts at 10.15am. Lasting for 1 hour. Location is Yoga For The People. Pilch Lane. Above Jessica Rose Beauty. Parking is plentiful. Public Transport is available via the train to Roby or Broadgreen with a 20 walk from both stations. The 15 bus stops just at the top of the road.


Come out, engage in community and most importantly learn vital information.


Knowledge is power. See you soon.

Sunday Health Class


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