Shungite balls sit in the shower filter head, providing the water with antioxidants as it runs through. The structure of water is vital for water quality. Water molecules arrange themselves in hexagons when in a healthy community. This structure can be intiated through various means, one being shungite. Shungite contains bucky balls, which carbon molcules in the shape football. These bucky balls are Carbon 60 molecules which are super power antioxidants. Antioxidants add electrons back to water that may lacking electrons due to impurites hoarding them caught up with the water. Water molceules are able to reorganise themselves once interfacing the C60 through recieving electrons. With ever pervasive insivisible techocrat world its crucial we look to all apsects of our life to improve our health. We are always told to not drink out of the upstairs or outside tap. But we bathe and shower in it with no filter? Tap water is full of all kinds of waste particles from the cities usage. Its imperative we use some of kind of measure to make water healthier again before we wash ourcellves. After all our skin is our largest organ which is just inches on top of our bloodstream. Sometimes health is not what we put in, but sometime what we keep out.

Shungite Shower Filter Head


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