Place next to Wifi Router or any electrical applicances to neutrilise the harmful ions being emitted. 


Shungite contain a carbon technology called C60 which is now renowned as the one the top antioxidants we have discovered to date. C60 is 60 carbon atoms that make what is sometimes called a bucky ball, due to is truncatedicosahedron shape. C60 is repellent to wifi, 3G, 4G, 5G, all non native EMF. This is an ANTI RADIATION bracelet. When holding our phones, resting our hand on computer mouses and laptops our veins are literally touching heavy sources of non native EMF radiation, donating positve ions which behave as free radicals stealing our electrons (negative ions) to rebalance themselves. Electrons (negative ions) are our life force. The more electrons we have the more alive we feel and the healthier we are. All technology of today are emtting postive ions (protons) therefore the enviroments we live in are rich in postive ions in the atomosphere. All postive ions are looking to steal electrons to recomplete themselves to become a whole atom. We are the source of electrons which are taxed from our bodies to rebalance the postive (proton)/ negative (electron) ratio. 

Shungite Pyramid 8cm