RESPIRE is desinged to support the heavily purposefully attacked vital respiratory system. This system is where we inhale our most sacred form of life force, the breath.

There are many environmental dangers to the respiratory system and with the current climate of non native EMF's increasing and genetically modified viruses being passed around plus the autumn, winter and spring months in the UK do not get hot enough for the UV rays to disinfect the atmosphere. For the majority of the year people who dwell in polar city environments are subject to enormous respiratory pollution and stress. For these reasons but not all, our inhouse herbalist and biochemist created a wild herbal formula called RESPIRE to assist respiratory function and clean the system. Below are a few benefits;
COPD Relief
Asthma Relief
Alveoli Support
Sinusitis Relief
Bronchial Dilation
Respiratory Detox
Nervous System Strength
Mucus Membrane Strength
Autoimmune Disease Relief
Increased Oxygen Inhalation
Increased Carbon (CO2) Exhalation
Activates Potassium Maxi-K Channel
A 1977 study showed that a couple grams per day of amor seco (one of the main herbs in RESPIRE) produced improvement and remission in most Asthma patients treated.
Many of our other herbs within the RESPIRE formula have amazing benefits like amor seco mentioned above.
Inside each pack of RESPIRE are 40 vegan capsules.
Take 2 capsules per day, 1 in the a.m and 1 in the p.m each time with 500ml of spring water. Store the capsules away from radiation.
*Please consult with your medical proffesional before taking any our products.
This is not supposed to diagnose and replace any medical practices.

Respire (Respiratory Support)


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