70 gram of Raw Dry Sea Moss (chondrus crispus) which comes from the North Atlantic shores. Chondrus Crispus only comes form polar regions and has unique biochemistry and function for a specific important purpose. Rebuilding the body from scratch. 
Clean and soak Chondrus Crispus sea moss with spring water. Soak for up 24 hours.
Blend with spring water or distilled water until you get desried gel consistency.
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For those who enjoy a more meticulous experience with Chondrus Crispus this is for you. 

Pros: Cheaper, Easier To Ship Long Distances.

Cons: Time Consuming, No Herbal Infusion.

Upon receiving the product, you will have to soak the Chondrus Crispus in spring water, then clean each piece carefully, finally blending with spring water to make your gel.

Raw Dry Sea Moss (Chondrus Crispus Wild Harvested) 70g