Konscious Konsumption presents Purging The System 'Light Version' on behalf of Reiss Davies Ausar.


The information inside is beyond priceless and no doubt has the ability to transform lives, like it has already, once applied.


Look around and check out whats being sold, what are people actually doing, what are people actually buying, what corporations are on the corner, who are they selling to? You, us, we. Are we just punters for these companies? Sugar punters? Big Pharma punters? If anything I choose to be a punter for nature, a natural punter however because the energy exchange is reciprocal and not malicious. Thus the term punters no longer stands once we return back to nature. The system creates punters, whilst natures build gods. 


Divine Love, Light Speed, Reiss.

Purging The System 'Light Version' Book (Paperback)