Nootropics are supplements designed to be cognitive enhancers improving memory, learning, creativity, motivation and executive functions. I studied the minerals that the brain and nervous system need to carry out there functions. Photons and electrons are the energy sources which runs through the tissues made from cells all made from specific minerals and nutrients.


Our anatomy is the motherboard made from minerals like gold, silver, copper an many other transition metals. Energy is harnessed and utilised being directed for fucntions needed for our environement. Energy runs on the motherboard, but after deacades of destroying our body our cellular motherboards so to speak have been taxed of their minerals, using our reserves from our cells to buffer acid, created from common modern lifestyels and subplant the missing minerals in our diet. We desinged a multi herbal composed  specific brain and nerve nutrients.


All herbs used for the creation of this supplement were wild plants. This way mineral ratios or biochemical balance is ensured. Minerals and nutrients work holistically in a whole communal fashion like families, and once isolated away from their counterparts or family members are often crippled in their benefits they offer. Wild plants for this reason are the most natural way to supplement.


So its NUtropic not nootropic. Nu is a spelling of a word which derives from a word from the Mdu Neter, the language of Ancient Kemet. Nu is a spritual scientific narration of phenonamas in nature. Nu means the beginning. Tropic means one of the tropic or a turn or a change. Like a new season tropical beginning.


A new environment in the brain and nervous system is catalysed from supplementing with Nutropic capsules. Imagine a tropical environment being created inside the heavens of your temple, your body.


Initiate teachings will reveal the heavens are within man inbetween his 'temples'. Nutropic is a way to start nourishing your temple for a more clear connection to higher higher self found in your heavens.


Within,  minerals like selenium, gold, silver, palladium, iron, copper, nickel, which all assist in the 1000's cellular reactons per second.


Benefits: Neural Genesis

Neuromelanin Support

Cerebo-Spinal Fluid Cleanse

Neural Network Support

Rebuilds Brains Anatomy

Protects Pigment Centres

Cleans Excess Nitrogen

Increases Brain Blood Flow

Increased Mental Clarity


2 capsules drank with 500ml spring water every day if you have any brain or nerve conditions. Otherwise 2 capsules w 500ml spring water would be advised before you need to focus and concentrate.


*We always recommend consultating with your medical professional before taking our products. This is not replace any prescription medicine.

Nutropic Capsules (Brain & Nerve Support)