New Sea Moss Blend; Nu Heru: Chondrus Crispus, Soursop (Graviola Leaf), Baobab, Tamarind & Elderberry This a slight variation from our orginal blend from May 19 if anyone remembers. Baobab and Soursop are back with Elderberry and Tamarind inside Nu Heru. Nu represents the waters the Chondrus Crispus Sea Moss comes from and Heru represents the solar energy infused ingredients blended together. Heru is the 5th polarity spoken as Leo in moderb culture. 5 ingredients put together to peform chemiluminescence. Did you know our cells when healthy illuminate? Elderberry and Chondrus Crispus work on the RESPIRATORY system to get mkre electrons from oxygen into the blood for the iron in the heme to carry. The iron is more than adequately provided for via the baobab. The carbon in the baobab willl help rebuikd broken down cells and tissues. More bioavailable iron in circulation from improving respiration means more neurotransmitter (cognitive fucntion improves) synthesis and mitochondrial function. The high magnesium levels in the soursop help the cells receive and produce energy working with the mitochondria that is being rebuilt healthily and fed optimally from Chondrus Crispus Sea Moss. Monatomic minerals are loaded in here too for DNA repair and extra conductivity for more light production inside each cell to make sure you illuminate and recognise you are the real illuminati once activated. General Benefits: Automimmune Control, Thyriod Balance, Improved Breathing, Improved Mental Health, Skin Hair Nail Health, Detoxification, Repair Broken Tissues, Energy Production, Heavy Metal Removal, Fat Loss, Deep Hydration and more.


Always consult your medical professional when taking supplements.


Nu Heru Sea Moss Blend