Online Course Material: How To Create Healthy Baby’sLearn About Vaccines, Nutrition For You & Your Baby, Benefits of Breastfeeding, How To Relax Agitated Babies, The Importance of Vaginal Births In Contrast To C-Sections, Learn The Proper Environment The Baby Should Enter, How To Feed The Child Into Strength, Happiness & Health PLUS MUCH MORE - Presentations and Ebooks Are Included During + Group Consultancy After The Course


The course includes permanant access to over 40 videos about various topics surrounding pregnancy plus 100 plus Ebook Called Nu Babies By Reiss Davies Ausar


This Course Is For Those Who Are Trying For A Baby, Those Who Are Pregnant, and Those Who Have Just Conceived. Easy Stress Free Birth + Easy Stress Free Child Development Are The Aims of The Nu Baby Pregnancy Course




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Nu Baby Pregnancy Course


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