Each Pack of NEPTUNE contain 40 large vegan capsules.


Ingredients: Proprietary Blend


Formulated to induce deep sleeps, helps balance our circadian rhythm to reset our body clock. Health is first established through light and dark cycles, this is why natural light is so important for our hormones. Our cells need instructions from hormones of what tasks to carry out, theses hormonal instructions come from our glands which are regulated by various wavelengths of light.


The electric/city got 'our light' blue/blew.


Staring at our screens from electronic devices means we are exposed to non native blue light which has a nanometre of 450nm, this wavelength of light intensely projected at our eyes, optic tract, pituitary and pineal gland, drastically reduces our ability to heal when we sleep through inhibiting Melatonin (hormone) secretion.


The intensity of non native blue light from screens is the same amount of native blue light from the Sun at 2pm in the afternoon. In other words our body is being stimulated instructed via 450nm of light that its still early afternoon, as thats when the 450nm from the sun is present most intensely. But still less than the harsh synthetic blue light waves from devices.


Melatonin is made from serotonin. Serotonin is predominantly made in our gut, dangerous chemical like M.S.G destroy serotinin production in our digestive brain/gut.

NEPTUNE capsules help production of Melatonin, an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory hormone secreted from the pineal gland that induces the sleep cycle so the body can begin regeneration.


Coronaviruses attack human cells via ACE2 (angiotensin-converting enzyme 2). Melatonin indirectly regulates ACE2 expression and has been deemed to be a promising agent in the fight against coronavirus in several studies, as it could prevent infection of these cells. At the same time, it also prevents the premature cell death of these infected cells (apoptosis), which not only slows the spread of infection but also buys the immune system more time to adapt to the infection.




Increases Melatonin, Calms Nervous System, Helps Balance Circadian Rhythm, Relaxes Mind & Body, Assists Dreams & Lucid States, Stop Sugar Fermentation, Increases Healing Enzymes, Promotes Anabolic Regenerative Sleeps, Helps Apoptosis To Mutant Cells


Always consult your medical professional before taking. This is not replace any prescription medicine.


2 Capsules every evening with 500ml Spring Water at 8pm to kickstart Melatonin output. Use for 20 Days out of every month. 


Store away from radiation.

Neptune Capsules

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