How to take: 1 or 2 capsules 2 - 4 hours hour before sexual activity, consumed with 1L of spirng water.


Medina - A popular Jamaican herb used to combat a variety of ailments. Most popularly known as an aphrodisiac and as a booster for male virility. Medina’s ability to improve a person’s sexual performance has seen many local people turn to the herb for generations seeking to improve their performance in the bedroom. The Medina plant is an evergreen plant that thrives all year round in the island’s topical climate, this means its rich monatomiac minerals (transition metals) which increases cellular voltage. The plant grows throughout many forested areas on the island and its leaves are harvested in an order to reap the plant’s benefits.


Although Medina is well known for its use as a sexual performance enhancer, it is multi faceted in function. Medina is also used in Jamaican culture as a remedy for the common cold and fevers. The herb is also perceived to aid in the relief of back and other joint pain along with being useful in relief from fatigue.The herbal tea made from Medina is also believed by some to be able to treat hernias.


Disclaimer - Care should be taken when planning to consume Medina, especially when it is being used as a sexual stimulant. Men who overuse the herb run the risk of lowering their sperm count, as the multiple ejaculations during the same session that using Medina may support is also something that may prove to be unhealthy as it puts an unwanted strain on the heart. Practicing injaculation is recomended. Therefore, men should consult their doctor before they plan to start using the herb on a consistent basis. Women who are pregnant, diabetics and persons who struggle with hypertension should also refrain from using Medina.