This formula was put together to combat, vitamin D deficiency symptoms like fatigue, poor circulation, poor neurotransmitter synthesis which leads to poor mental health. The high iron fluorine levels in each ingredient is the the perfect type of iron for cleaning the blood, and eventually restoring the health of the whole body because the blood is your river. We hsve to get the river clean and flowing at some point point in our health journey. It has to be maintained by proper vibration and luminescence of the red blood cells which stems from healthy iron flourine levels. Bacteria will not profilerate and cause issues if the bloods electromagnetic vibration is strong. To clean the cells the extra cellular environment has to be healthy which is the river, the blood, as cells boost their functiom and rid waste that material is pushed into the blood to be flushed. As the cells increase their efficiency from the high B vitamins in our Magnetic Flux formula, intra cellular waters can start to structure, xenoestrogens and heavy metals can be flushed into the bloodstream. The liver is always working hard filtering and manufacturing specific nutrients for our cells. Liver health is catered for with Magnetic flux too.

Benefits: Radiation Protection, Anti-Anaemia, Boosts Mental Health, Cleans Blood, Liver, Kidneys, Increasres Energy Levels and Cellular Detoxification,
More Oxygen Capacity & Delivery, Improved Breathing & Cellular Respiration, Replenishes B Vitamins & Gut Bacteria Depleted From Tobacco

Source of Iron, Vitamin C, Copper, Zinc, Flavanoids (plant pigments), Sterols, Saponins, Phenolic Antioxidants (such as astilbin, quercetin, resveratrol, and catechin).
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. To reduce drug interactions, do not take this product if your currently taking any pharmaceutical drugs.
Always consult with your medical proffesional.

MAGNETIC FLUX Herbal Capsules (Anti-Anaemia, Blood Liver & Kidney Support)

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  • Room temperature away from EMF radiation.

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