Khepra is the allogorical story of atum (atom) transforming into Khepra who represents in one aspect the solar wind who rolls the earth in solar and rays where an magnetosphere is created which traps bacteria rolling bacteria driven world into a spherical ball. The sun imbues earths bacteria with cosmic inforamtion.


The dung bettle on Earth rolls balls of dung, sometimes for long distances, in order to have a place in which to lay its eggs. In this process, the ancients saw a metaphor for the daily progress of the sun (rolling as a ball across the sky every day), and for the mystery of creation and birth. Khepera as a full scarab or a scarab-headed man is often shown either within the Disk of the physical sun, or rolling it, as it were, from the eastern mountains in the morning and back into Tem's watchful embrace in the evening. Khepera is associated with the life-giving powers of sunlight and with the act of sunrise itself, forming a special triad with Ra (noontime sun) and Tem (setting sun).

Khepra T-shirt

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