Weight: 15grams - 20grams


Elite noble shungite is 99% C60. This technology is the most efficient at neutrilising harmful radiation from cell phones, laptops, cell phone towers, wifi etc.


Most other EMF protecters become clogged and saturated with the radaition after a while. You could see it as getting tired of transforming the counter clockwise spinning positive ions to clockwise spinning negative ions (negative means more electrons which is good) constantly. This is hard task to do because other EMF protection stones like Black Tourmaline are constantly being taxed before they tired and need to be cleared and reset. Elite noble shungite on the other hand, never gets tired of this taxing job, thanks to C60. This carbon isotope is unique in the way its strucutred, like a ball of carbon atoms arranged as the perfect semicondcutor to transmute harmful chaotic energy. Keeping C60 on you at all times via Elite Noble Shungite, which is made up of 99% of it, ensures you are always protected from taxing draining energies.


1 piece of Elite Noble can be carried in the pocket, slept with under the pillow, just about anywhere you feel as its light and highly portable. A singular piece of the vital tech weighs around 10 grams.


If you want more stones but smaller to use in your water containers check out our other Elite noble shungite water stones.

Elite Noble Shungite Piece