Amber Glass Jar 175ml

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Here is a review for Northern Soul Sea Moss Blend; "I first bought the Northern soul sea moss due to all the amazing benefits and i definitely needed a kick of health especially since i am breastfeeding aswell i knew how much goodness would be passing through to the baby. I never thought id see of really feel any changes i just new that it would be ao beneficial to me. I started back training out doors amd was absolutely flyinh so many people commented on how much more lighter and faster I was and training felt easy. My muscle mass was high and my body fats lower than before id had my baby, my physical body looked different and i put it down to a week of training hard.... I went two weeks without the seamoss and i training felt hard, muscle dropped and my body fats went right up. I realised straight away it was the seamoss and purchased more that day and wont be without it again. I felt mental clearer stronger when i was taking it. 

Reiss is unbelievably knowledge and the real deal. Definitely would recommend anyone to invest in this.*

Always consult your medical proffesional before consuming 

Baby Northern Soul Sea Moss (175ml)