HERBASE pushes the envelope of knowledge lifestyle health and all synonyms in between.


From applying the information put forth, you will be able to progress and evolve into a healthier, stronger version of yourcellf. The information we share not only pertains to the physical world but also transcends physicality, giving us a deeper grasp of the true nature of reality. We realised we are walking advertisements and therefore wanted to make a statement with our clothing every time we walk out the door. All information we share is centred around making positive change for the future generations.


Once we overstand life is being projected from a non physical place, our perception towards ourcellves and life will take a turn for the better, gaining control and insight, finding more of a meaningful direction. Whenever approaching a new experience, we must keep in mind that change is fully necessary and life wouldnt be happening without it.


We should embrace new experiences. If we don't switch things up, we eventually experience a plateau, causing the mind to become unstimulated, paving the way for reversibility and degenerative diseases. We have a lot to give, and are only here to give the truth at whatever cost, we hope you find something that benefits your life with your experience with konsciouskonsumption. We hope to bring positive change.